Saturday, March 7, 2015

Got Alligators?

First of all, I need to apologize to myself, lol...this blog is supposed to be sort of a diary for me of my travels.

Then I need to apologize to anyone reading my blog since this is also supposed to be a blog filled with all sorts of fun things to do (and sometimes avoid) about the places I visit.

So on to Dunedin, FL...

This is actually my second trip to Dunedin, FL, and I just LOVE this area.  There is an oh so cute historic downtown filled with all kinds of restaurants and shops with colorful storefronts.

I realize I have not taken a picture of the little downtown scene, so I will do the next best images and post one here.  I'll be back in a minute to two...or five, lol...

I traveled here to do some consulting work so spent most of my days indoors but had some free time in evenings and on 1 weekend to do a little exploring.
I also had the pleasure of walking each morning (and some evenings, too) along the Pinellas Trail which was right in back of the hotel where I stayed.

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